MYTHO is back

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Nowadays, to have a little extra time for ourselves and get off the autopilot, we need to leave the urban chaos. But what happens when you go back? It is difficult, isn’t it? That’s how MYTHO’S CELEBRATION idea was born and it has already taken place last October, in Lisbon, bringing a unique experience that allowed people to feel the magic of the Universe of MYTHO.

After MYTHO CELEBRATION, MYTHO felt the urge to be more present in people’s lives so that our message is even more inspiring. We want to encourage everyone to live a more joyful, authentic and happy life. With this in mind, we created the MYTHO SESSIONS, events that will take place throughout the year and that will have different formats – workshops, daytime activities, parties, meetings, fairs and others. MYTHO sessions will give people the opportunity to connect with their inner child, be with their friends and exchanging knowledge and ideas, while having loads of fun.

We believe that together, living a more conscious life, we can create a real impact and make a difference in the world. We all have something to learn and to teach. We want MYTHO to be a place where people meet to share ideas, tools and practices that allow everyone to open their eyes and look within.

MYTHO then gains new ways of being more present in people’s lives through MYTHO SESSIONS and by sharing knowledge and ideas on our website and social media we want to make you feel that you are part of MYTHO’S universe and together create a path to our big gathering the MYTHO CELEBRATION!