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Rhythm Flow Motion is a process that has the purpose to experience rhythm and sound in an authentic and genuine way.

Through singing, rhythm, palms and the movement of our body we will access states of mindfulness and presence that allow us to rescue our immense ancestral wisdom.

For thousands of years, singing, dancing and playing in all cultures has proven to be one of the most effective ways to bring people together, strengthen communities, energize and exalt passion and enthusiasm.

The first sound we hear, still in our mother’s womb, was the beat of her heart and the rhythm of her breathing. No matter our race, gender, age, religion or belief system, this experience is common to all human beings.

Rhythm is our natural inheritance. It exists in our whole body, in our heart and in our own breath. It exists in the vibration of the atoms, in the cycles of the seasons, in the ticking of the clock, in the orbit of the Earth. In reality there is no part of creation itself that does not have Rhythm!


CEO, Founder and Facilitator of Rit’Mundo

Rit’Mundo has high impact programs in motivation, leadership, education and personal development areas providing interactive, fun, dynamic, relaxing and highly transformative moments. We explore creative possibilities through Music and Movement.