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It´s time to restore balance on this Planet!

We live in a very powerful time, when the fate of our world is being decided.

In order to restore balance, we must bring the Feminine Energy back to its sovereign place.

Humanity has fallen out of balance because Patriarchy disconnected us from the half of who we are, our Feminine side.

This short film, featuring dancers and artists from all over the world, speaks of the rise of the feminine outside of gender. The feminine within each one of us.

The human aspects that have been suppressed for Millennia under the patriarchy and whose time to rise is now!

Our world is completely out of balance, we have forgotten how to live in peace, how to tolerate differences, how to have compassion, how to trust in the flow of life.

We have forgotten to use our intuition, to give value to love and to care for our Mother Earth.

We have forgotten how to “be” and are completely obsessed with “doing.”

When we talk about the feminine energy we are referring to the qualities associated with the feminine polarity such as compassion, inclusion, nurturing, flow, intuition, care.

The feminine is the state of being, where the masculine is the state of doing, and only the balance of both brings peace and harmony.

Masculine energy is driven, focused, direct, structured and purposeful and it´s absolutely essential and needed when in balance.

These energies manifest in our planet and within us regardless of our gender, and we have the opportunity now to truly understand this.

We can transcend the individual ego battle, set aside the senseless discussion of whose fault this mess and work together to build a better reality for the entire human family.

We can put the weapons down and recognize that in order to be whole human beings we must embrace our wholeness.

The rising of the feminine is a calling for a planetary revolution, a movement of human awakening that takes place within each and every individual.

This movement aims to inspire the collective to embody our human potential, bringing us back to empowerment and personal freedom by allowing the half of us that was suppressed to now rise and express.



by Layla El Khadri (Writter & Director)


The story behind this video is one of the biggest love stories of my life.

More than a year ago, I meet a very inspiring woman that was going to change my life with her presence: Monique Wilson, Global Director of One Billion Rising.

She was deeply touched by how the women in my Artist Collective MUSE were using art as a tool for personal transformation and collective inspiration.

From our connection, a creative collaboration was born: to make a video piece to support the activist and revolutionary mission of OBR: ending violence against women and girls in the world.

The journey of creating this piece was going to take me personally into a journey of reconnecting with my own feminine energy. I needed to re-learn trust, fine tune my intuition, and definitely cultivate my own compassion in order to birth this artistic baby. But above all, I had to learn the real power of women supporting women, the power of sisterhood and collaboration.

Many times I felt this endeavor was too hard for me and the world wasn’t ready for this message.

Just when I was about to quit, call Monique and return the funds, two amazing women walked into my life sent by the Goddess to become creative doulas for this baby that was so meant to be born into the world.

These women are Maria Teresa Chavez and Seraina Duveen: both in their own unique and exquisite ways, made Rise possible.

Maria became fully devoted to the #artasmedicine movement that behind the scenes makes this performances possible and full of impactful meaning, She became a loyal support for the company and the production of a documentary about this methodology of work.

#ArtasMedicine is a framework that creates spaces where the artists use their own life, traumas, pain and pleasure to create epic touching art that can inspire millions.

Seraina Duveen became the wings of the film production, helping guide the team of artists through the creative journey from an idea to the epic video we have created.

They didn’t allow me to quit a dream that was actually way bigger than myself: the dream to use art as a tool for personal transformation and collective inspiration.

Soon we will be releasing the documentary #artasmedicine.

One last piece was still to fall into place: the masculine wasn’t yet a part of this project.  I hadn’t found a filmmaker that was to the standards of what I was envisioning.

Then, Gianluca Fellini made his entrance, not only as an epic video professional but also as the man who brought this question to the table:

– “Darling, your project is profound, but you are leaving out half of the problem and half of the solution… if you want to inspire humanity to end violence and restore balance, you need men to be part of this Rising… “

That sentence hit home so strong! It was absolutely true, I needed to call in the brothers.

That terrified me in many ways because I had never directed a company of artists that included men and also because I, myself, had my wounds with the masculine.

I told myself:  “if you want to give a message of balance and inspire the feminine energy to rise in the world you MUST embody that balance!”

So I opened my heart and humbled myself and called in the Men.

I have no words to describe how amazingly they showed up. Artists, change makers and epic humans said yes! without blinking an eye and came to the studio to work with the team of women.

Their presence, patience, listening, and honest and vulnerable sharing was beyond any of my expectations. They joined a process that had been going on for months and gave it deeper meaning in a matter of weeks.

Now, both men and women, were ready to embody the rising of the Feminine.

The rest was “easy.” We set cameras, flew drones, got horses ready and prayed that the tropical rain of Bali allowed us to film…

This piece goes into the world together with our deepest prayers that Humanity is ready to understand the message that we wish to give:


We have come to change a state of mind called patriarchy into a state of being called oneness.

We heal the planet by becoming the solution,

In every land

Under any religion

From all cultures

Of all colors

We are rising in inclusion

With one common intent:

to let love win each and every battle.


The Feminine is present within each one of us, let it Rise!




The Feminine Rise