These Sessions were born out of a need to encourage the creativity inside all of us and to be more present in our community daily lives. In this MYTHO SESSIONS you can experience workshops, day activities, creative parties, gatherings, handmade product markets and others. It brings us the opportunity to enjoy our time within our community by stimulating exchange of knowledge, pro-found transformation, inner-growth, joy and. fun.


Parties where the MYTHO UNIVERSE connects with you through pure fun. Get ready to be surprised. Here, nothing will happen the way it is supposed to.


MYTHO creates healthy lifestyle experiences that will start by awakening your consciousness and will continue to a party where you will be able to connect with others.


For those who want to have a more intimate and self-knowledge experience. Here, MYTHO will work on several subjects of our daily lives and it will give people the opportunity to go beyond and awaken their consciousness.